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Electricity rate advice

Supporting Children, Families And Older People Through The Cost-Of-Living Crisis: Truagh Development Association’s Community Services Programme Advice Regarding Electricity Bills.

Fiona McCaffrey Jones, Manager of the Truagh based Community Services Programme explained, “the cost-of-living crisis is hitting everyone hard particularly older people and those on fixed incomes.   So we are advising that you do this one thing to ensure you are getting the best possible rate for your electricity.”

“Most people don’t realise that every 12 months you can phone your electricity supplier and renegotiate the rate you pay for electricity or you can move to another provider and get a better rate”, explained Lorraine Treanor.  “If you don’t feel tech savvy enough get a friend or relative to log on to and shop around to get the best electricity rate.  People I have advised to do this have saved between €150 and €450 per annum on their electricity bills”.

For further information about this suggestion contact Lorraine, Gretta or Fiona on 047.87049 or email

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